Tour the Shelter

Map of our Shelter


Looking at the front door


A,B,C: Looking to the front door from inside the shelter, you’ll notice how open and airy the shelter feels along with the many windows providing bright light and a view to the outside. On the left of the front door is a comfortable sitting/cage area.  Here you can sit next to a window and enjoy time with a dog or cat so you can get to know them before you decide to adopt.


"Why do animal shelters exist?"


D: This is our conference room where we have board meetings and education talks for visitors. Please call the shelter if you would like us to visit your school or organizational meeting for a talk about responsible pet ownership or the services Crossroads Animal Shelter provides.



Our cleaning standards are second to none

E: This is the cat area where you can visit with the adoptable cats at the shelter.

We have a very open atmosphere at our shelter and our cats are allowed to roam the shelter for exercise and playtime.

We pride ourselves in the cleanliness of all our cat cages and kennel areas.

We have our own laundry area for washing all cat and dog bedding and rugs.  Ten loads a day!



Where we answer your emails and phone calls


F: Our office desk area is in the open area of the shelter.

We are always available to you to answer any questions you may have and to assist you in the decision making process of adopting a pet.




Handmade pads, beds, and toys for sale

Our Retail Gift Shop displays handmade crafts for you and your pet.

Available are pet pads, round beds, catnip toys, dog beds, pet hammocks, embroidered dish towels, cards and other miscellaneous items.




Tidiness is the key to efficiency

G: Although our storage room is behind closed doors, the cats find this room a very interesting place to hide and play when they are out and about exploring the shelter!







Bright, clean dog kennel area


H: The dog kennel area provides both isolation kennels on the far side for incoming dogs until they can be vet checked, and a main area where puppies and adult dogs are housed until adoption.  We have 20 kennel runs including two sections for dangerous dogs if we need to separate them.

We provide impound services for seven municipalities, a township, and the Wright County Sheriff’s Department.


One of four outside dog runs

I: We love the fact that the dogs have four outdoor fenced canine run areas where they receive daily exercise and play time for socialization with other dogs.






Testing for heartworm disease


J: Our vet room provides a clean and functional area for feleuk and heartworm testing, vaccinations, and the like.  Sometimes our vet room will house small dogs, dogs who are recuperating from surgery or other medical needs.




"No fleas beyond this point" 🙂


K: The isolation/holding room is also very bright and airy. Incoming cats are kept here awaiting a vet check before they are brought out to the cat area in the main part of the shelter for adoption.




The diet for each dog is prepared by staff


L: This is our feed and clean station. Daily food and water is portioned out at this station along with the daily cleaning of water buckets and dishes from the kennel areas.