“Only when we give joyfully, without hesitation or thought of gain,
can we truly know what love means.”    Leo Buscaglia




  • Business Office: Assist with bulk mailings, computer work, phone calling and other miscellaneous office work.
  • Education:Work with this committee at various levels ranging from program development, preparation of education materials, visiting schools and other facilities to help educate about responsible pet ownership.

    These two love to sew. Do you?

  • Fund Raising: Assist this committee with a variety of needs including program and event planning, volunteer hands-on hours at the events.
  • Handcrafted Items:Small groups of volunteers get together to work on cutting and sewing pet pads, beds and toys, as well as cutting PVC pipe for pet hammocks.  New talent in this area is ALWAYS welcome. No experience necessary!

    Spring outside cleanup


  • Mowing/Weeding/Shoveling: We welcome volunteers to help us with outdoor property maintenance – year round.







Trips to the Vet

  • Foster Home:We frequently depend upon foster home assistance for animals who are too young or ill, needing housing until ready for adoption.  Foster parent volunteers must be able to provide daily care (sometimes for several weeks), and be able to detach themselves emotionally at the time of adoption.  Click here for a Foster Home Application


Did you know that brushing an animal can reduce YOUR blood pressure?

  • Animal Transportation: Provide transportation of animals to and from veterinary appointments.


  • Grooming: There is always a need for various levels of grooming for dogs and cats.


  • Cage Cleaning:There is an ongoing need for cage cleaning at the Shelter.

    Cleaning cages


  • TLC: . . . one on one time with individual animals.



The best way to find out how you can volunteer your time and talents is:

  1. To stop by the shelter and complete a Volunteer Application
  2. To click here for a Foster Home Application

Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you regarding your interests.  Each volunteer must attend at least one volunteer orientation meeting.  These meetings are held once a month.  Call Crossroads for the next volunteer orientation date, 763-684-1234.